All our projects projects are evaluated from a safety awareness point of view, rather than a profit oriented point of view and the management is responsible for providing a safe working environment for all employees.

Globtech Engineering W.L.L is firmly committed to the safety of our employees. We believe that the safety of our employees is of the utmost importance, along with quality, production and cost-control. We strive to provide a safe working environment and prevent workplace accidents.


At GLOBTECH ENGINEERING W.L.L, safety is important as cost, quality productivity and profits.

Our goal is Zero -o- incidences

Focus on behaviour

We create the conditions to make sure that safety isn't just in the hearts and minds of our people, but continuously improving our work practices and developing all employees with the focus on behavioural aspects. We say what we do and do what we say!

A strategy that delivers

Our safety strategy is based on two fundamental elements: We work safe or we do not work, and all employees are executing the 'brothers keepers' practice.

Two major programs are on-going to continuously measure our progress and results. These programs are based on changing behaviours a work place assessment concept - and developing our work practices.

Developing our people

The development programmes provides a balanced mix of theory and practical skills; skills that help our people motivate their teams to work in the safest possible manner. As well as giving our employees an in depth understanding of the safety opportunities we face, the programme provides communication line (top-down and bottom-up) and team working skills necessary to work safe.

Sharing knowledge locally, globally

On top of this we also carry out regular toolbox talks, giving tailored instructions to our people that are focused specifically on the work they are carrying out. This is also a platform for sharing knowledge and best practices from all of our locations, as well as with other contractors and third parties.

Goal is Zero

With over 13,000 people of over 50 different nationalities, we make sure everyone is safe. The programmers we have in place are helping us to achieve an excellent performance, and we are committed to continuous improvement until we reach our goal: Zero Incidents.

This procedure gives the minimum standards required for surface protection and application procedures. The minimum acceptable climatic condition inspection methods and acceptance criteria with respect to both new construction and maintenance work.

The specification covers application of coatings to the internal and external surfaces of vessels, storage tanks, processing equipment and piping for the purpose of both corrosion protection and aesthetics. The specification is a basis for preparation of painting schedules, engineering drawings and purchase requisitions.

Coating System requirements for individual applications or projects detailing the specific surface preparation, paint type, number of coats and dry film thickness have been included or each item to be painted

Quality control requirements are to be carried out in accordance with the  Inspection and

Test Plan. All Documents shall be the latest revision.

Abrasive blasting / Painting equipments shall be checked by the Crew Supervisor for suitability prior to the start of the surface preparation and Coating activities. From Blasting / Painting Equipment check sheet (attachments 5.2) shall be used.

Protection coating inspection report shall be used to record on a daily basis in process inspection activities as per requirements of project specifications.

Paint / Coating and Equipment is required to be completed and signed by the coating Crew Supervisor and verified and signed by the clients Inspector.

TESTEX tape shall be used to attach for the profile reading of the blasted area. The profile test shall be randomly carried out once a day for each type of abrasive used.


Dew Point Calculation Chart.

Protective Coating Inspection Report.

Environmental Condition Report