Welcome to Our Company

Our services include: Surface Preparation and Blasting, Painting, Protective Coatings, Fireproofing, scaffolding, In Our Facility or At Your Site.

Our Experienced staff can provide the quality of service your business demands. From exterior surface preparation and painting of plants, factories, warehouses and buildings we protect your structural steel and concrete assets. We also provide pressure washing, solvent cleaning, sandblasting and painting of equipment, presses and machinery, interior preparation and painting of walls, epoxy floor systems, warehouses and production areas, as well as the production preparation and painting of customer products. Our high reach aerial equipment allows us to eliminate the use of expensive scaffolding where possible. We work around and over equipment and inventories with the smallest possible inconvenience to our customers meeting their asset management needs. We can customize our service and schedule our work for you're off production hours

Our unique industrial painting facilities give us the ability to apply single or multiple coat.

Our painters utilize the finest paint application equipment; airless, conventional, paint application systems to provide a consistent quality finish. Our mobile unit systems provide our painters an on-site extension of our shop environment in order to maintain the quality finish anywhere in the QATAR.

All our projects projects are evaluated from a safety awareness point of view, rather than a profit oriented point of view and the management is responsible for providing a safe working environment for all employees.